REDHEAD is easy to love, hard to define and impossible to ignore. 
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Hi! I'm CINDY LIST and this is how my company, Redhead Hot Sauce, began.


I'm a New York City hairstylist and makeup artist who has been making hot sauce and sharing it with friends for over a decade. The recipe for Redhead Hot Sauce originated from those years of experimentation in my Brooklyn kitchen with chiles from my balcony garden. A cult following developed organically as friends shared jars of homemade Redhead with other friends. Suddenly, I had people who I hardly knew (or who I didn't know at all!) contacting me and asking for Redhead. Complete strangers were saving empty jars for me to fill. I knew that it was time to grow.


I am pleased to bring Redhead Hot Sauce into your life. Once you try it, you'll see that it is different from what you've tasted before. Redhead has a spreadable consistency and lots of texture - you will experience a burst of flavor dancing across your tongue. My recipe contains 5 varieties of fresh chiles, peaches, ginger, honey and amazing spices from around the world. You will find yourself adding it to savory and sweet dishes, and to your cocktails as well!


I was inspired to create Redhead Bloody Mary Mix when I learned that several Brooklyn bartenders were using Redhead Hot Sauce in their Bloody Marys. You'll find Redhead Bloody Mary Mix to be thicker than most mixes and spicier, too. It contains Redhead Hot Sauce, after all! In addition to delicious variations on the Bloody Mary, try a Michelada made with the Mix, and use the Mix to create hot soup, bisque or gazpacho.


Thank you for visiting my Redhead shop and I wish you a ton of flavor, adventure and love.



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